Residential Homes Services

We have services at Summerhayes at Sandford every month and Hillbrow, Kenwyn and St Lawrence in Crediton town in alternate months.

The worship team is made up jointly of members of this church and Cheriton Fitzpaine Methodist church, consisting of a local preacher, an accredited worship leader and an accredited pastoral visitor. The services are supported regularly by other church members. The three Crediton homes also have a communion service provided by the Anglican church, and during Advent by a group from the Evangelical church.

Our aim is to provide residents with a regular Christian service of worship suitable to their needs and circumstances, regardless of denomination. All who choose to come are very welcome. Residents have differing physical and mental difficulties including mobility problems, ranges of hearing and sight problems, and some have a degree of dementia. The time we spend after the service, talking with each of the residents and building friendships, is of equal importance in the outreach we are blessed to be able to provide.

The services consists of Bible readings, prayers, hymns, reflections, and as appropriate humour and poetry. We strive to be imaginative, using stimuli through colour, sound and touch.

The Bible stories we use are familiar to most people who have at some point in their lives attended a church or had some sort of religious education. We choose hymns that are well known, usually though not always traditional, and we include the Lord’s prayer. At the end of each service, we give everyone something they can take away with them e.g. a flower, a picture, or an illustrated blessing.

We have received very positive responses from the folk who come, and from the staff at the homes.

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